Amusement ball

Invention Disclosure

Dan discloses his invention briefly, where he discloses about the working of the amusement ball with the help of rough diagram. Our team took over from that rough diagram to create the claims of the invention. Those claims were presented to Dan for approval further our team moved to the description section for getting approval on claims. The description was prepared as per guidelines USC112 and final drawing was created as per 37 CFR § 1.84.

Patent was filed on 23 Oct 2013

Amusement ball

Brief of invention

The amusement ball for a client having an inward surface membrane loaded with air, a thin puncturable unit covering the internal surface membrane and an external membrane unit covering the thin puncturable unit. The thin puncturable unit incorporates at least one initially chambers and a thin puncturable membrane joined to the at least one initially chambers. The external membrane unit incorporates at least one moment chambers and a non-penetrable external membrane connected to the at least one moment chambers. A client applies a weight on a particular area of the internal surface membrane through the external membrane unit bringing about the blasting of the thin puncturable membrane and arrival of the fluid from at least one initially chambers to at least one moment chambers. The fluid at that point shows up on the internal surface of external porous membrane.

Finally, patent was granted on 23 Dec 2014

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