“Case Where Examiner Found Ridiculously Awesome Prior Art”

Prior Art In A Keynote Speech Sometimes speech and videos can be used as a strong reference. This happened to Apple in their Rubber-banding effect patent. The German court found a prior art lying in Apple’s closet. The concept was revealed by Steve Job in his keynote video of 2007. In the keynote video, Steve demonstrated the bounce back effect of an image in the new iPhone. This effect is known as rubber-banding and hence was covered in the patent. But, as it was already revealed publicly by the company itself, the patent grant halted. Apple’s attorney brought several points to the table to differ the tech from what was shown in the video. The PTO, as a result, approved 3 out of 20 claims of the patent. Finding this kind of prior art was more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack, especially when the reference was hiding in company’s own old keynote video. Still found.