Pioneering Patent Technology at Oktoberfest

Every fall, over six million people visit Oktoberfest in Munich to partake in the beer festival, carnival and 200 year old celebration of Bavarian culture. September 20th marks the beginning of the 16 day fair on the famous Thereseinweise grounds.

Oktoberfest is also a prime example of patents at work behind the scenes, from the beer taps to rollercoaster mechanisms to food stand operations.

According to the EPO, there are 1,813 patents for beer taps, 285 patents for chicken rotisseries and 43 patents for Ferris Wheel technologies. That’s a lot of patents at work to keep visitors happy and entertained.

Oktoberfest is also a place for pioneering patent technology! One example is the Krinoline, one of the oldest rides at the fair. Previously operated using the strength of four men, patent owner Michael Grobmann created and patented an electromechanical drive that would operate the ride in 1938 — and it’s been used ever since.

Patented turbo taps allow for an effective beer flow of anywhere between 60,000 to 70,000 liters of beer a day. Compared to wooden barrels of beer with small taps, these turbo taps fill one liter steins in three seconds and keep the beer carbonated after the pour; the festivities are constantly fueled.

With the amount of attendees increasing every year, there are “higher demands in terms of thrill-packed rides, security and beer consumption,” which means Oktoberfest will continue to be a location highlighting wonderful patents.