Why Should We Care e about Commercialization…..

Most folks would agree more money is better than less money. Now you know why you care. You can make money off your ideas. If you are the inventor of a new idea, you probably have money coming if it is commercialized. As the inventor, unless you sign away your ownership rights, you own what springs forth out of your head. (Of course, if the invention was a team effort, everyone collectively owns the rights. We shall talk about how to determine your share below. By the way, you also garner indirect benefits from commercialization. Inventions that are commercialized help enhance the reputation of a researcher, making it easier to attract government and foundation funding for future research as you now have a track record at doing useful research as well as good science or engineering. Companies that license your inventions are often willing to help suppor future research in related areas, both to gain access to graduate students and to get a window on the cutting edge of one of the fields of R&D relevant for their business.